Best Free Phone Apps of 2018

Phone apps make our lives easier and they have many different uses. But finding the best phone apps can be a little difficult. This is why we have put together a list of some of the most popular. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the best phone apps of 2018.

Top Three Phone Apps of 2018

Below you will find three of the most popular phone apps being used in 2018. Each of these apps has something different to offer but all of them are helpful in some ways.

  1. Cookpad: If you love to cook, then Cookpad is the app for you! This amazing food app will help you find recipes quickly and it will even help you manage your grocery shopping list. This makes cooking much easier so you will have no excuse to order take out. Cookpad is totally free to download.
  2. Fitbit: Trying to get into shape? If you are, then Fitbit just might be the app you need in your life. Fitbit helps you track your workouts and gives you important feedback. This app will help you reach your fitness goals and help you stay on track. There is even a social feature that allows you to compete with friends.
  3. Bandcamp: If you love music, then you may want to download Bandcamp. This app helps you find popular artists as well as up and coming acts. It is a great way to learn new music and this app is totally free! It has a very diverse music marketplace where you can purchase and download your favorite songs.

These three apps offer something different but each of them will help make life a little easier. So you just might want to download them today. The best part is they are all free to use so you have nothing to lose.